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It’s easy to extol the virtues of youth sports: fun with friends, teamwork, sportsmanship, building confidence, self-esteem, and learning how to win and lose. But that doesn’t explain why today kids juggle hectic schedules, and why so many parents feel it’s more important than ever that their sons and daughters play on the very best sports teams, at the highest level, at seemingly any cost. The Documentary Just Doing It explores the phenomenon that has become youth sports in America. Focusing on two rival teams in New York, the production follows the hectic schedules of families balancing school, sports, work, and family life.

Following these two teams from the championship against one another in 5th grade into their new season and new school year, the film explores what is pushing these children so hard. Between multiple games, practices, sports, and travel leagues how do these children still have time for just being a kid? Why has youth sports become so competitive? Is it about trying to guarantee a spot on a varsity team? About getting into college? About status? And what about the fun? With interviews from players, coaches, parents, store-owners, and the like, we delve into the world of youth sports with those who know it best.