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MTV Network’s The N and On Screen Entertainment have produced the first African American dramatic series for teens entitled, Miracle's Boys. The six–part television series was shot entirely on location in Harlem, New York.

Miracle’s Boys is based on the eponymous Coretta Scott King Award winning novel by Jacqueline Woodson. It follows the story of three half African American and half Puerto Rican brothers in Harlem. Ty’ree (20), Charlie (16), and Lafayette (13) are on their own after the untimely deaths of their parents. This captivating, honest and sometimes humorous story begins the day that Charlie comes home after spending a year in juvenile detention. He returns to find Ty’ree in charge of the family. But Ty’ree is barely an adult himself, which they all discover when their first meal together includes cold peas from a can. Lafayette idolizes Charlie and tries to get him involved in his life until he realizes his secret crush has eyes for his brother. The series follows the trio as they are faced with the challenges of raising themselves in the fast pace of Harlem and the drama is fueled by the sites and sounds of this historic neighborhood. The Apollo, Marcus Garvey Park, Magic Johnson Theatres are all backdrops in the story of Ty’ree, Charlie and Lafayette who struggle against large odds, but learn that brother to brother to brother they can survive.

Episode 1: Welcome Home Charlie: Charlie returns home after a year in Juvenile detention to find that everything has changed. After the death of their mother, Ty’ree is now in charge and Lafayette discovers that “new Charlie” is not the brother he knew.

Episode 2: In the Game of Life: Lafayette’s crush on Angelina grows. After a humiliating return to school and a first meeting with his parole officer, Charlie hooks up with a bad crowd.

Episode 3: Who’s to Blame?: Ty’ree meets the girl of his dreams. Lafayette throws a party that gets out of hand. Charlie is missing and the social worker is on the way.

Episode 4: Miracle’s Song: Charlie steals money from the family safe. Lafayette needs help to make the team. Ty’ree’s parenting skills are pushed to the limit.

Episode 5: Free Day: Lafayette tries to ask Angelina to the dance. Charlie stays out all night and falls in deeper with the wrong crowd.

Episode 6: Bond of Brothers: Charlie’s arrest and confession brings the family together.