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OUTWARD BOUND is a reality–based action adventure series that follows real teens as they leave their families and the conveniences of the modern world behind and set out on an extraordinary Outward Bound wilderness challenge. Up close and very personal, OUTWARD BOUND follows their every move as these kids tackle the challenges of surviving in the wilderness and discover inner strength they never realized they had.

OUTWARD BOUND has action. It has adventure. It has conflict. It has surprises. It has a cast of characters viewers identify with. In short, OUTWARD BOUND has all the elements of compelling drama. And best of all, it’s REAL! Eight kids, ages 14–16, meet for the first time on an expedition where they shoot whitewater rapids, rappel off canyon walls, and climb mountains. These young teens are deprived of showers and all types of plumbing, not even an outhouse, for two weeks. They have to learn how to stay off each other’s nerves and cooperate in order to survive the extremes of the expedition. With nothing but sleeping bags, tarp covers as tents and food that’s about as far from Big Mac’s as you can get, these boys and girls learn just how difficult nature can be.

  • 50 half–hour episodes continuing to air on Discovery Kids.
  • Features music from independent recording artists with a wide range of styles including: Jazz, Folk, Alternative, Celtic, Country and Contemporary Rock.
  • Locations include: various U.S. states, Australia, Costa Rica.