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Reading Rainbow, which entered its 23rd season on PBS, continues to redefine children’s television. Reading Rainbow is a fast-paced, daily half–hour, magazine style series encouraging a love of reading in children and building lasting connections between children and books. The series ranks among the longest-running, most watched shows in the history of public television and is the #1 used show in America’s classrooms. The series has won 24 Emmy Awards in 20 years including Best Children’s Series for five consecutive years, including 2006.

Reading Rainbow has introduced children to a wide variety of issues from adoption to death, seashores to volcanoes, and the tragedy of 9/11 to children with parents in prison. Hosted by LeVar Burton, the series explores topics close to home and far away always focusing on the power of books to open kids’ minds.

Recent Emmy Award winning shows include:

Visiting Day Cover

VISITING DAY In a story full of hope and optimism, a little girl and her grandmother prepare to visit her father in prison. We learn about all of the special rituals associated with this day and how they are able to make each one bring them comfort in such a difficult time. Even though they will have to wait a long time they do not stop dreaming of the day when Daddy will come back home. Through their story we learn that love knows no boundaries.

In this unprecedented episode, Reading Rainbow explores the thoughts and fears of having a parent in prison. LeVar visits with a group of children who bravely share their experiences which are full of sadness and love. Bringing the story to life we go along on a real prison visit with a very special family where we learn that even a seemingly insurmountable obstacle can not stop one family’s love.

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THE TIN FOREST This story reveals the strength of the human spirit and the sense of wonder that is an intrinsic part of all of us. It is clear that no matter where you live or what your circumstances, where there is imagination, there is hope. In this episode, Reading Rainbow profiled the students of P.S. 234, a New York City public school located four blocks from Ground Zero. The students of P.S. 234 survived a very difficult year, and were forced to move schools four times but now they are back in their homes and grateful for what they have. This episode celebrates the idea that even through the toughest obstacles, the human spirit can triumph.